The Program

Our collection is entirely composed of works that were created in the context of our Artist Collaborations and Grants.

Artist Collaborations

In each collaboration, we work closely with an artist to bring something new to life. Funding for collaborations is generally in the $5-25k range, depending on the artist and the nature of the project.
  • Studio Visit
    Before taking on a collaboration with an artist, it is important for us to see how they work, which includes seeing them in their natural element. Let us know if you'd like us to plan a visit!
  • The Invitation
    We are very selective when it comes to the artists we choose to collaborate with and only send personal invitations to collaborate. Only then would we start working on the project proposal.
  • The Project Itself
    Once the project has started, we operate as the artist's support-system, while capturing media in their studio space. This, in turn, lets us share the story of the project with our community.
  • Joining the Collection
    At the end of a project, our curators make a shortlist of the pieces we'd like to acquire. This kicks off the process of jointly evaluating which pieces will enter the New Collection.
Michael DeSutter 9-5


Our grants are ideal for emerging artists who are eager to do bold new work, see their pieces in a collection, and get their name out there. Grants are usually in the $2-5k range.
  • Each grant starts with a prompt.
    In some cases we may ask for explorations around a theme, in others, the prompt my be to ‘respond’ to a piece that is already in the Collection.
  • Artists submit proposals.
    Our grants are open-call. For each grant, we select several projects to fund from the submissions we receive, subject to our evaluation of the idea as well as the artist.
  • We share the work with our community.
    Following completion of the work, grantees work with our curators to select one or more pieces to be acquired into the collection and shown alongside the other grantees' works.

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