A Collection of Contemporary Objects and Stories
Mario Zoots
Floating Figures

What is new is unknown
waiting to be defined.
At New Collection, we believe in artists.

Artists who embrace the unknown
not afraid to trip.
Or to fall.
Who have the conviction to reinvent.
The faith to playfully experiment.
To expand, stretch, and reform.

Mario Zoots
Floating Figures

Pulling, poking,
the layers of content we consume

Artists who see the ordinary as extraordinary.
Invoking new perspectives.
Illuminating new connections.
Artists who transform yesterday into today
Changing tomorrow.

Mario Zoots
Floating Figures

Captivated by their journey.
Ignited by their passion.
It is our endeavor
to create a space for cultivation.
To nurture the unexpected.
To evolve.
To respond
to the endless possibilities waiting to be defined.
To believe in Now.
To believe in New.


We are a contemporary art collection and harbor of creative insights. We value the relationships and collaborations with artists, focusing on their stories that go beyond their works and inform their practice. As our collection grows so will our output for storytelling and conceptual programs. We look forward to sharing more with you soon.

Check out our Stories page for a deeper look into the concepts and practices with some of our featured artists.

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